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A Trip Down Memory Lane and the Wonder of Water Filtration

The Water Pipe – A Trip Down Memory Lane and the Wonder of Water Filtration

Probably the most intricate and practical of all of the blown glass pieces is the bubbler, or burbalator for those in the navy. The bubbler’s beauty is only outdone by its function. The burbalator utilizes one of the oldest filtration media in the world to remove harmful toxins – that filter is water. By bubbling smoke through water, a great deal of the tar and nicotine and many of the chemicals found in tobacco will be removed. This allows for a healthier and smoother tasting smoke. And when you think the filter is spent, all you have to do is order another 3 oz portion of our special demineralized water to replace the water in the pipe. The other option, as those who saw through the bullshit of the last statement already know, is to use regular old tap water. The great thing about these pipes is that it is easy to get water into and out of them. This means it is also easy to introduce glass pipe cleaning products through the pipe and keep them looking as new and beautiful as the the first day you owned it. If you don’t own a bubbler yet, you owe it to your lungs to try one… If you are trying to quit smoking, just start filtering with the most magical of the toxin removing molecules – H2O. Know why your idiot friends bong water smells like crap? Two reasons – they smoke crap and the water now smells like that crap. ‘Better on your carpet than in your lungs’ is what used to say.