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BONGS: If You Can’t Beat Them, Smoke Them

BONGS: If You Can’t Beat Them, Smoke Them

For the bong smokers I will get to the advanced chemistry – yes kids, an atomic look into the bong water… (for less details see the horrible article written by one of the biggest losers on our staff – Bubblers – yadayada..)

In liquid filtration, the most important factor is solubility obviously. The two bonds holding the hydrogen onto the oxygen are large in size – this allows their many molecules to house many other molecules and ions. This is why water is called the universal solvent. Since tar is a very long chain hydrocarbon, it is very easy for water to pull it out of the smoke and into the lattice of its own structure. Sort of taking one for the team – it the team were your lungs. This creates a stench that should tell you that you did not want it in your lungs. Personally, I don’t even want that in my bong. So the key is to treat your bong like a toilet and change the water often. We do not however recommend literally treating your bong like a toilet unless the situation is desperate or the dare is a dire one…

As a filter, water competes against many…

The worm that filters soil by turning bad bacteria into good bacteria

or the,

Oyster that filters water by turning the toxins into a part of its entire being, which for some reason turns out to be delicious

or the,

Microbacteria that filter out algae in large ponds and others that actual metabolize some of the most horrible crap that our coal/oil/gas industries has to offer.

Noble and modest earth patriots them all,

But they all need one thing to perform the task they perform…. I knew you were paying attention…